Get more information on volunteer opportunities. 

Here are the various ways you can get involved with our band competitions and performances. If you’re interested in learning more about specific activities, please fill out the form below and check off all the items that pique your interest. A booster will follow up with you to provide further details. Beneath the form, you will find descriptions of each opportunity.

For a comprehensive understanding of our program, you are encouraged to read our Band Parent Handbook.

IMPORTANT: To be a volunteer at GHS, you must be cleared by the Glendora School District. Please complete the application HERE to complete this process.

Volunteer Opportunities

Head Chaperone (BAND):  

  • Turn in all volunteer paperwork and notify volunteers when they have been cleared for  volunteering and the level that they have been cleared for. 
  • Handout all emergency cards to students and make sure each student has an emergency card on  file. Head chaperone will carry a binder with all of the student’s emergency cards in it to every  event along with the emergency kit. 
  • Ride the bus to every event making sure that all students are accounted for at all times. Ensure that students are accompanied by a level 2 volunteer when going to the restroom. Notify parents via the band app when we depart an event and are in route back to the school so  that parents are able to pick up their child accordingly. 
  • Wait with any students that have not been picked up by a family member/parent until they are  picked up. 
  • must attend all band parties to ensure student’s safety. 

Head Chaperone (PAGEANTRY): requires working closely with the Pageantry Director to maintain a smooth  season 

  • Collect all paperwork, run consumable nights 
  • work with band head chaperone to order all consumables for guard (shirts, ghillies, gloves,  nylons, makeup, street shoes, jazz shoes, and briefs) 
  • measure for field uniforms, fit uniforms, make sure we have jewelry ready, fit hats for the season run the band app for parents to keep them informed 
  • maintain the grooming box, collect supplies for grooming box, bring hats and jewelry for each  competition, groom at call time 
  • ride the bus and in charge of first aid and medication, roll call on trips  
  • get volunteers to help with all games and competitions 
  • collect snacks and water 
  • groom for all assemblies, restock consumables, provide consumables 
  • run pageantry store for competitions 
  • make sure the treasurer is informed about new consumables 
  • maintain and make new buckles and flashings, maintain ribbons, put ribbons in hair and collect  them, collect jewelry, and hats each competition, maintain jewelry and hats so ready for each  competition 
  • take uniforms to cleaners once returned, help purchase lace and material as well as transport to  seamstress for blouses, vest, and new jackets to be made 
  • checkout uniforms with contracts as well as collect them 


  • Order accessories for band uniforms. Such as shoes, gloves, etc. 
  • issue uniforms to all students 
  • make sure uniforms are pressed/steamed before each performance 
  • help students with uniforms such as attaching sash, tartan, glengarry, belt etc. collect uniforms at the end of the season and drop all uniforms off at the dry cleaners   

Chuckwagon committee:  

Provided and coordinated meals, snacks, and drinks during marching band season for students and staff for all competitions (Street and Field). 

Seat Covers:  

Places and later removes cloth seat covering for bleachers in designated sections at home football games,  awards and after field competitions.  

Water Person(s): 

Fill water jugs and squeeze bottles with water and ice. Water is needed at street and field practices, where the students can fill up from igloos, and /or when they must stand in place, water is brought to them in squeeze bottles. At football games, water is needed at the practice field area, the track where the guard rehearses, and in the stands. During competitions, water is needed at base camp, and for parades, it is pulled behind the band in one or more carts. 

 Truck Driver(s): 

Brings instruments and equipment to performances, requires a volunteer form and an additional truck driver form clearance from the district. Generally, requires ownership of a truck and submission of  driver’s license and proof of insurance. generally using their own trucks, pulling trailers; However, truck  drivers have also in the past been permitted to drive a school box truck.  

Street Volunteers: 

For parade practices on the street, volunteers are needed to help monitor the intersections and hold flags and traffic signs to guide vehicles to detours around the band practice on the street.   


Volunteers to set up and monitor street barricades, consisting of steel rails and reflective wood panels, at intersections so students can practice on the street for parade competitions. At least one person with a truck that can pull the barricade trailer is required.